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In a Soulregression, that will take about 3 hours, a deep hypnosis is used, which will make it possible for you to connect with your soulmemories en your experiences in the spiritual world.

In this Soulregression you will travel from the Inner Universe to the Mystic Space of your Heart. The Mystic Space of your Heart is the place where you are in the centre of your energy and immediately connected with Heaven, Earth, your Higher Self and all the other Worlds.
Some people will immediately remember that they have been there millions of time before, but other people will feel that this is the first time.
The Mystic Space of the Heart is older then Creation itself. Before there were galaxies to live within, this space was there. All the places you have travelled within this Creation you have recorded within this space.
In the Mystic Space of your Heart you will begin to remember:
who you really are;

  • what your heart’s deepest desire is which you wish to live and manifest;
  • your purpose for coming to Earth;
  • your unique, spiritual destination;
  • the relation between your present and past lives; The golden mean
  • through lives
  • what obstructs you to be yourself totally;
  • what obstructs you to live in your Heart
  • .... and so on ....

Through the soul memories, you will get an insight in your life pat hand you will remember who you really truly are and how this connects with this life. Your soul will be revealed, the puzzle will be completed. Because of the overview of all of your lives, you will discover the golden mean through your lives. You will experience a deep connection with your soul and you will experience your life through the different dimensions. This will give you a deep feeling of piece, love and joy; a feeling of coming home and an understanding of your place and role in the great picture.
All of this makes that Soulregression are special regressions with a very positive and powerful transformational effect.


The Soulregressions are conducted by Soulregression therapists. These therapists have concluded a training for regression and reincarnation therapy or hypnotherapy besides the Soulregression training. These are thus therapists who have been specially trained to work in the Soul realm.


Before you start with a Soulregression it is important that you have had a regression session prior to the Soulregression with a successful past life regression experience. This to be sure that you can reach a deep trance depth and also be able to attain this trance depth during the Soulregression. It is possible though to do one after another in a short time, for example with a couple of days or a week between the two sessions.
It is also important that you have had sufficient insights in your own process. This means that you have done work on your self through for instance Regression- and/or Reincarnation Therapy.